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Line Driver Description

Vango proprietary high driving and highly integrated line driver accompanying with Vango PLC SoC to form a complete modem solution. Vango PLC solution handles heavy loading power line communication encountered in certain extreme cases with minimum external components because of smart detection/ protection mechanisms implemented in this state of art line driver.


The V6000 is a receiver (RX) integrated line driver, providing a high-current capability for driving the low-impedance line applications. The fully-differential design can achieve a superior performance in terms of MTPR (Multi-Tone Power Ratio) at 16 Vppd when 4 A peak current outputs. It also retains the bandwidth and the linearity while operates at single power supply of 9V~15V and temperature range of -40 °C ~ +85 °C.
The V6000 contains a voltage-feedback TX amplifier and a programmable RX gain amplifier. Both amplifiers are designed to deal with the high-swing signal. The V6000 is protected against Over Temperature (OT) and Over Current (OC) by the built-in sensor. An internal-forced shutdown signal can be used to set the device back to the initial state. Besides, the OC condition can be avoided once the alarm alerts and is fed into the signal source. Via the SPI/I2C interface, the V6000 can be fully -controlled and optimized by firmware configuration.

· Supporting 4 A output driving capability
· Accurate thermal sensor for Over Temperature (OT) protection, while over the specific temperature, V6000 will be turned down.
· Supporting built-in Over Current (OC) protection while over the specific current, V6000 will be turned down.
· Programmable TX and RX gain
· Single power supply range: 9V ~ 15V
· Zero-crossing detectors
· Supporting I2C/SPI control interface
· Package: 40-pin QFN EPAD 
· Operating temperature: -40 °C ~ +85 °C
· Applications: Power Line Communication (PLC)


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